Tips for New Denture Wearers – Part 2

thomas-hafeneth-244903Getting new dentures in Portland OR can be both an exciting and daunting time. This is normal because this life event comes with many life changes.

Over the course of several weeks, most denture wearers will gradually make the adjustment, and eventually wearing dentures will become second nature.

However, the following tips for new denture wearers might be beneficial:

1. Take a break from your dentures: Sleeping without dentures lets the tissues in your mouth rest and heal from any pressure, irritation, or soreness from wearing the dentures.

2.  Keep talking, practice makes perfect: It might be hard for your loved ones to understand you in the beginning, but it is important to continue talking to get used to it! Eventually, you will be a pro at communicating with your new dentures.

3. Ask your denturist about adhesives: Adhesives help your dentures fit properly and prevent food particles from getting between your dentures and your gums.

4. Try to stay hydrated: Denture wearers may occasionally experience dry mouth, which can cause the mouth and gums to feel irritated and may increase the potential for bacterial decay. Staying hydrated can help with this problem.

5. Remember to continue your regular checks with your denturist: Don’t forget to schedule visits with your denturist in Portland OR regularly to maintain the quality and fit of your dentures.

For any questions about your new dentures, contact us at Classic Denture Center today! We want your transition to wearing dentures to be a smooth one!