6 Important Times to Call Your Denturist

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Do you have cracked, broken or stained dentures? If you do, Classic Denture Center is here to help you with all of your denture repair needs.

It is important to seek help as soon as you notice damage to your dentures to avoid further damage.

If you are wondering about what types of repairs your local Denturist in Portland OR can perform, we have listed a few below: 

  1. Cracked or broken teeth: One of the most common types of damage we see is breakage. In many instances, this happens when our patients drop their dentures into the sink or onto the floor when taking them out or putting them back in place. Breakage can also occur when biting into something hard. In most cases, if you come into our office right away, your cracked or broken false teeth can be repaired. That said, if you attempt to use a DIY repair kit, you could make the problem worse. Try to remember that non-professional denture repairs may lead to further complications in adjustment and durability at some point or another. It is also important to know that poor quality repairs are in many cases more difficult to undo than repairing it professionally the first time.
  2. Worn teeth: Wearing your dentures day after day can lead to wear and tear. If they are exposed to strong temperature differentials or teeth grinding habits, they could wear earlier and require repair. So if you notice signs of wear pop up early on, your denturist can repair or replace individual teeth.
  3. Lost teeth: If you have experienced tooth loss, your denturist can replace them easily without making you compromise fit, comfort, or aesthetic.
  4. Adding teeth: In some cases, our patients may experience the loss of additional natural teeth. When this happens, your dentures can in many cases be adapted to the new space. We can add extra teeth to replace the newly extracted or broken natural teeth and you can go back to your daily life.
  5. Adjustments: At some point or another, you will likely need an adjustment for your dentures. This can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you are experiencing normal wear of the denture or a change in the gums underneath. If this is the case, a denture can be relined to renew the contact area with the gum. On the other hand, your denturist may suggest having your dentures rebased, which means refabricating the pink acrylic of the denture that holds the teeth in place.
  6. Stain removal: If you are noticing a great deal of staining on your dentures, your Denturist in Portland OR is professionally equipped to remove all kinds of stains from your dentures safely and without leaving behind damage to the finish.

Have you been putting off an important denture repair? If so, it’s time to take the next step and contact us! We want to make sure that you love your smile every single day, from how it looks to how it feels!

5 Critical Tips For Proper Denture Care

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Our cosmetic dentistry in Portland OR from Classic Denture Center is a fantastic restorative option our clients who may be missing one or more teeth. Our professional team does a great job at giving you a healthy, complete, and white smile.

Here are five tips for properly caring for your dentures and implants, to ensure you keep that great smile:

1) Dont forget to clean your dentures every single day 

Your dentures should be cleaned daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Even though they can’t get cavities, it is still possible for bacteria to settle on them. Toothpaste is not a great cleaning product for your dentures because it is often too abrasive. Instead, just gently brush and rinse them with water when you are done. It is also a good idea to always rinse your dentures with water after every meal. This will help to flush away excess food particles.

2) Practice good oral hygiene

Along with cleaning your dentures regularly, it is a good idea to make sure that you keep taking good care of your overall oral hygiene too. Using a soft toothbrush on any of your remaining natural teeth, your gums, the inside of your cheeks, and your palate can help improve your oral health. You should also continue flossing any natural teeth you have.

3) Handle your dentures with care

Your dentures can become broken or bent out of shape if they are dropped, so remember to handle your dentures carefully whenever you are putting them in, removing them, or holding outside of your mouth for any other reason.

4) Properly remove your dentures and store them while you sleep

If you have regular dentures, removing them and properly storing them at night will be part of your regular routine. Never keep them lying out in the open, as they have been known to crack or warp if they become too dry.

5) Visit your denturist on a regular basis

One of the most important tips for denture care is to visit Classic Denture Center on a regular basis to have your dentures cleaned, examined, and adjusted if they require it. You should know that your oral structures can change shape over time, which can result in a poor fit and discomfort and irritation.

At Classic Denture Center we offer our clients a variety of options for cosmetic dentistry in Portland OR. We can provide you with any denture service you need and are happy to make adjustments for a more comfortable fit or perform emergency denture repairs when needed.

Our favorite part of offering denture and implant services to our clients is that we get to watch their smile and their self-confidence change for the better!

If you’re looking for a denture clinic in Portland Oregon to help with your denture care routine, contact us to schedule an appointment today.


Debunking 6 Myths About Dentures

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Even though dentures are an effective and affordable tooth replacement option that can help you achieve dental health and a return to mouth function, there are many misconceptions out there that might have you holding off on making the jump into a great new smile.

The problem is that modern dentures are very different now from their early beginnings, leaving them with a stigma that is hard to break away from. At Classic Denture Center we provide high-quality dentures in Portland OR and would really like to clear up some of the myths you have likely heard about them.

Myth #1 – Your new dentures are one-size-fits-all

We firmly believe in a customized solution to your new smile, so our dentures are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time to specifically fit your new dentures to the dimensions and uniqueness of your mouth so that they will not only function and look great, but they will also be so incredibly comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing them.

Myth #2 – Your new dentures will last a lifetime

One thing we can admit to at Classic Denture Center is that even though your new dentures are capable of resisting a great deal of the wear, tear, and breakage, they will eventually need to be replaced over time.  Even the most well-maintained and high-quality set of dentures will not last forever. Not only can dentures be broken when dropped, they can also lose their shape as your mouth and jaw change. Regardless of the type of dentures your buy, once they have seen too much wear and tear, you will need to be fitted with new ones.

Myth #3 – You will not need to see your denturist regularly once you get your dentures

We always recommend that you see your denturist regularly because as mentioned above, your mouth and facial structures may change with time.  This can lead to dentures that may not be as comfortable and can cause issues. If you see your denturist often, these changes can be dealt with and adjusted over time, instead of the change being so severe that you need to replace your dentures early.

Myth #4 – You can fix your dentures yourself 

We cannot stress this enough… You should NEVER attempt to fix your dentures at home. Whether you use household supplies or a DIY denture repair kit, you could destroy your dentures beyond repair if you attempt to fix them yourself.  If your dentures break, need to be relined, or if they need to be adjusted, please bring them to our clinic for repair.

Myth #5 – Your dentures will limit what you can eat

If you are concerned that you will have to give up your favorite foods because of your new dentures, please put your mind at ease.  As a matter of fact, with patience and practice, denture wearers whose dentures are properly fitted can eat just about anything.

Myth #6 – Your dentures can be all day and night

With all of the benefits our dentures provide, we just know that you are certainly going to love wearing them, but remember to take them out regularly. Regardless of how comfortable they are, your mouth needs regular breaks from them. Since you don’t need them while you are sleeping, this is a good time to give your mouth that much-needed break.

Have more questions about dentures in Portland OR?

Before you make the big decision to get new dentures, it is always a good idea to find out how you can get the most benefit out of wearing them. If you have any questions at all about dentures in Portland OR,  don’t hesitate to ask denturists Tanya Poleon at Classic Denture Center. She will be happy to help you make the very best decision for you.

Contact us today, you won’t regret it!