A Denturist in Portland Explains How to Kill 99.9% of Denture Germs

123 dentureDid you know that overnight soaking can kill 99.9 percent of denture germs? This simple act plays a big part in your oral health and it doesn’t take any of those expensive denture cleaning options.

From all-natural soaking solutions to high-end ultrasonic devices, it is easy for denture wearers to disregard less expensive cleaning options for quicker and more expensive choices.

That said, your denturist in Portland, OR wants you to be aware that fast and costly is not always better.

If you wear dentures, it is also very important for you to remember that along with good hygiene, your annual full denture checkups are essential to keeping your mouth healthy.

Over the years, your mouth changes, making it necessary to continually check to ensure that everything is still fitting comfortably.

Keep in mind that when you play your part and participate with regular monitoring, your oral health can be maintained.

If you suffer from denture sore spots or unstable dentures, contact us at Classic Denture Center today! We want you to love your smile and feel comfortable doing it!

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The Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Dentures in Portland OR

toothbrushe-24232_640At Classic Denture Center, we pride ourselves in the hygiene education that we provide our patients. That said, we still see some denture wearers having trouble understanding the importance of regular and proper cleaning of their dentures.

This is very important to us that our patients take part in a daily cleaning routine to help avoid all sorts of oral trouble.

Here’s why:

Partial and full acrylic dentures have surface pores and it is possible for dangerous germs such as: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mutans, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, and hundreds of other garden-variety germs to get stuck and grow in these pores.

In our opinion, this is of the most important reasons to regularly clean your dentures. We want our patients to control denture bacteria and prevent unnecessary exposure to microbes that could cause oral and systemic disease.

Denture bacteria can also impact one of the biggest everyday problems, which is bad breath. Since the body’s scent receptors become accustomed to a smell they are exposed to frequently, you may not be able to detect odor coming from your dentures. To ensure fresh breath, consider overnight soaking to reduce the odor-causing bacteria on your dentures.

If you have any questions about properly cleaning your dentures in Portland, OR, denturist Tanya Poleon would be happy to help! Make an appointment today or click here to contact our office.

If You are Wondering About Tooth Replacement, Consider Dentures in Portland OR!

boy-20233_640Tooth replacement is a big deal and there are many options out there. It can be difficult to understand the best way to go, but when it comes to your pearly whites, doing your research is worth your time!

From a set of partial or full dentures to dental implants, the alternatives may lead to confusion. So it is important to take the time to decide which choice is better for your unique situation.

Dentures are an affordable and viable option for your new teeth. Instead of replacing your natural teeth, dentures replace the absence of natural teeth. Not only do they allow you to take part in your daily routine, they help you retain function in your mouth as close as possible to that of natural teeth.

What does this mean you?  This means that your quality of life can be preserved without getting a full set of dental implants. You can eat, speak, and smile with confidence in knowing that you made the right choice.

We understand that dentures aren’t for everyone, but they are a great option if you are looking to replace some or all of your natural teeth.

If you are considering dentures in Portland OR, Denturist Tonya Poleon at Classic Denture Center can help! So if you are looking for a perfect blend of experience and friendly service, contact her today!

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4 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing New Dentures in Portland OR

appleDuring your life, your teeth have taken a beating. This happens through chewing on hard foods, drinking fluids that are hard on your enamel, or using them to gnaw as tools to open, pull, or tear objects.

On top of that, it is possible that you have not cared for your teeth perfectly throughout your years of brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly.

So where does this leave you?  Possibly looking for an option for replacing your pearly whites.  Try not to fear, new modern technology has brought in options that are both beautiful and durable.

Keep these four important factors in mind as you shop around for new dentures:

Fit: You want them to fit you well because you will be wearing them every day.

Comfort: Not only should your dentures fit you well, they should be comfortable. You want to be able to smile, eat, laugh and enjoy life, so make sure to talk with your denturist about this.

Appearance: You obviously want your dentures to look as natural as possible so you can smile with confidence.

Price: The best denture option for you will offer a balance between quality for price! Just make sure you are not sacrificing quality for price.

With this information in mind, a beautiful new smile is right around the corner! That is definitely something to celebrate!

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Do Your Research Before Getting New Dentures in Portland OR

1dentureWhen you are looking into purchasing a new car, it is important to your research first. It is important to do comparisons, research price, and test-drive the car.

Before you drive off that lot with your shiny new car, know everything you possibly could know about it.

That way you be sure that your investment is sound. The same is true for your new dentures.

So before you start the process of getting new dentures, do your research! Make sure that the denturist you choose is more concerned about your wellbeing and self esteem instead of their bottom line!

One other thing that you should know is that it might be irresponsible to jump into dentures on a whim. This is especially true if you know little to nothing about them. There are many options out there, such as dental work and dental implants. This decision is a personal one, so it is best to discuss it with your denturist.

Everyone has their own path that may lead to inevitable tooth loss. Even if this sounds like you, remember there is hope for a beautiful and comfortable smile!

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Use a Denturist not a Dentist for Your Dentures in Portland OR

denturesWhen you invest in a new set of dentures, you deserve dentures that are comfortable, functional, and well fitting. A couple of sore spots are to be expected, but if you are experiencing recurring pain or discomfort, it is important to speak up.

Many other dentists and denturists want to forget about you the second you walk out the door with your new dentures, but at Classic Denture Center, we aren’t like that. This is because we are 100% dedicated to your new dentures being a good experience for you.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort with your dentures, you’re your dentist is unable to help there are a two things you should know:

  1. There is a right way and a wrong way to make dentures. Many dental students are not taught very much about dentures. This includes how to properly do impressions.
  2. If the impressions are not done perfectly right, your new dentures will never fit properly. Even a tiny micro-millimeter mistake could create discomfort.

To avoid this trouble, find an experience denturist in Portland OR to make your dentures.

If you have experienced poor fitting dentures and you feel that your dentist is to blame, you can file a complaint with the Dental Association of your state.

At Classic Denture Center, it is our goal to help you transition into new dentures that are both comfortable and visually appealing. Click here to read about a denturist that you can trust!

Natural Denture Cleaning Options From a Denturist in Portland OR – Part 2

toothbrushe-24232_640The toothpaste and mouthwash that you have in your home may be too abrasive for your dentures, causing them to wear over time. Further, those bleaching products that are on the market can permanently discolor your dentures.

Today we will be discussing a few ideas for cleaning your dentures naturally.

Consider trying a vinegar solution as an easy and effective way to disinfect and clean your dentures naturally. The acid in the vinegar can help to dissolve tartar. To make this solution on your own at home, combine equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water. Place your dentures in the solution and let them soak for at least 30 minutes, or as long as overnight for the best results. Prior to re-inserting them into your mouth, make sure to rinse them well.

Since baking soda is a common ingredient in traditional toothpaste you can use it to help loosen stubborn debris from your teeth. You can mix your own natural solution by combining water with 2 tsp. of baking soda. Add just enough water to create your desired consistency. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently and thoroughly scrub away debris from your dentures. This method is very effective and can be used to clean your dentures naturally every day.

If you’re considering getting dentures in Portland OR or have any questions about how to clean your dentures naturally, click here to call denturist Tonya Poleon!   She has years of experience in creating custom dentures and as well as in helping her patients maintain their dentures for years to come.

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Natural Denture Cleaning Options From a Denturist in Portland OR – Part 1

cal-0814-cl1-household-appl-15If you are new to wearing dentures, it is important to know how to clean them. Many people use a variety of solutions or denture cleaners for daily cleaning, but there are more things you can do naturally to ensure dentures that are free of bacteria.

One way that some scientists are suggesting you use to clean them is to zap them in the microwave! While this might sound a little crazy, scientists have been discovering that MRSA bacteria can successfully be killed in the microwave. Consider sticking them in there on high for 3 minutes once a week.

Even though this can kill bacteria and sanitize your dentures, it is not a full on substitute for cleaning them regularly. Just make extra sure that your dentures do not contain any metal before popping them into the microwave!

Our next post will discuss a few more ways to clean your dentures naturally! To check with an experienced denturist in Portland OR about whether or not you should stick your dentures in the microwave,  contact the Classic Denture Center today.  To learn more about Denturist Tanya Poleon, click here!


Safely Storing Your Dentures in Portland OR  

Have you ever had to dig through the trash due to accidentally throwing your dentures away? This story that occurs for teenagers and their retainers, can also be true for your new dentures. This is why it is important to make sure that you safely store them while eating at a restaurant or at home.

anapkinIt might seem easy to tuck them in a napkin or on your plate, but this can lead to mishaps. One minute you are setting them down, and the next you are lost in conversation, and the location of your dentures is lost from your mind.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your dentures are safely stored while you are not using them:

  • Follow the same routine every single time you remove your dentures
  • Put them in a place that is truly safe, such as your purse
  • Have a case or bag to store them in that will keep them protected and easily located
  • Never place them in a napkin on your tray or plate
  • Check to make sure that you know where they are before dumping your plate

To further discuss the ways to keep your dentures safe with a denturist in Portland OR, click here. Tonya Poleon can help you work out a plan that fits in with your daily life!


Cleaning your Dentures in Portland OR

dentures funIf you have dentures, it is important to disinfect them nightly and soak them to remove calculus and stains. If there are no stains or calculus on your dentures, it is recommended that you only soak the dentures in water every night.

if you do start to notice stains and buildup, a vinegar mixture can be as effective as using a commercial denture cleaner for removal. Vinegar has proved effective in cleaning the tartar from dentures and is a good idea for daily use. If you notice bacterial growth you can also use a bleach solution for deeper disinfecting treatments.

It is a good idea to remember that it is recommended that you only use the vinegar solutions for full dentures, and not for partial dentures.

Here are some important steps for cleaning your dentures with a part vinegar/part water mixture:

  1. Ask your dentist before using vinegar
  2. Find a container that your dentures will fit in
  3. Purchase distilled white vinegar
  4. Mix one part water with one equal part vinegar
  5. Soak the dentures for 15 minutes a day or place them in vinegar overnight
  6. Soak your denture brush in a bleach/water solution
  7. Use the brush to brush your dentures
  8. Rinse the dentures thoroughly
  9. Remove the dentures from the vinegar
  10. Pour out the vinegar solution

Keeping your dentures clean can make them last longer and keep you feeling healthy!

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