Adjusting to the Life of Wearing Dentures – Part 2

123 dentureIn our last blog, we discussed the discomfort of wearing new dentures! Today we will continue giving you hope that one day, you will feel like yourself, despite your new dentures in Portland Oregon!

If you are someone who is concerned that the discomfort, pain, and difficulty with daily tasks will continue to cause you grief, this blog is for you! There are many things you can do to ensure that you will feel like yourself again!

Here are just a few suggestions to help you get used to your new dentures:

Exercise Your Cheeks: Your buccinator muscles (cheek muscles) help direct the food in your mouth towards your throat in preparation of swallowing. So, just like working out any other par of your body, building these muscles can give you more control over your meals while you are eating.

Experiment with Adhesives: Talk to your denturist about the best creams and adhesives on the market. Then go to the store and find the ones that work best for you! Remember that just a little bit goes a long way in reducing irritation.

Follow the Post-Extraction Plan Outlined by Your Denturist: One of the most important things you can do while you are getting used to your new dentures is to be on top of your treatment plan. Everyone heals differently, and can expect to be sore following a given extraction. So make sure to take any medication as prescribed, follow any advice given, and always attend your appointments. Try not to miss any dental visits after the first few months of wearing dentures.

If you have any questions at all about adjusting to your new dentures in Portland OR, do not hesitate to contact us at the Classic Denture Center! We want to be there for you every step of the way.